Therapies for acute and chronic pain

A unique set of therapies that focus on reducing acute and chronic pain. These therapies are at the cutting edge of modern performance and recovery techniques. Book a consultation to reveal which therapy type will be most effective for what you need and that will resolve your issue fastest.


ProprioceptiveDeep Tendon Reflex

P-DTR is a set of functional neurology tools aimed at treating the sensory nervous system to reduce the perception of pain and increase performance. Specialises in treating pains that persist after full tissue recovery. This therapy has great success in treating chronic pain and muscular issues that have no clear origin. Common issues I resolve in the clinic are joint and muscle pain that is either transient or flare up at random occasions.


Red Light Therapy

The future of acute injury recovery with over 4,000 peer-reviewed studies showing its efficacy and increased capacity for healing over many other therapy types including ice and ultrasound. This therapy is shown to not only increase healing speed o acute injury but also prevent damage and increase muscular capacity. This is perfect for both maintaining optimal performance during peak training periods and getting back to training after an injury.

Bespoke fitness Coaching
To achieve your goals

Tailored coaching based on daily stress markers to better asses health. These markers are used to plan nutritional and exercise strategies. Plans are specific for your personal needs as they change, rather than a cookie cutter approach.


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