Test Don't Guess

Ever buy a lab test only to be confused buy its results and have more questions than when you started?

Its very easy to get confused when buying advanced tests, so its importnat not just to get the results but a report on what those results mean, and if you are getting multiple tests what those results mean in context with each other. My partners and I offer bespoke testing that come with reports that not only interpret the results but also give actionble, usable advice based on the objective results of your test.

Additional services of multi-test intergrations and full program writing based on test results are also avialble to ensur you dont waist your money when you purchase a lab test through us. No matter your goals guessing is never the answer, lab tests are perfect for helping you achieve, weight loss, resolving health issues and increasing perfomance. 

Metabolic analysis 

Personal training

Ever wanted to know how much u should be eating to lose weight? Or how hard you should be exercising?

Metabolic analysis is the only scientifically validated method to measure how many calories you burn, it also can indicate stress levels, what split of macronutients will be optimal and objectivley tell you what intesities of exercise will be most impactful to get results. 

DNA Analysis 

Lab test for weight loss

DNA is like the blue print to your physical body and its chemical capacity. Many of toughted in the past DNA to be the gosple of lab testing. This is only half true as it, buy it's self only tells you long term risk potential. DNA analysis is hugley benefical for many but is paired best with epigenetic testing and other lab tests to get a balanced prespective of both acctue state and long term risk.

Microbiome Analysis 

Lab tests for weight loss

The microbiome is a vital compnent of our health and is permenantly interacting with our immune system create an optimal environmet in our GI tract. This test can aid in assessmnet of vitamin need based on bacteria that synthesis them and inestinal health which is directly linked to the diversity and species of the microbiome. When considering the health of the large intestines this is a must have test.

GHI Chronic Inflammation Analysis 

Lab tests for weight loss

Most inflammatory markers spike when accute forms of inflammation occur. So these are not very good measures of chronic inflammatory status or disease progression, We use a test that measures glycosalyted proteins which is a proccess that happens after the protien is originally made. This Gly Health Index is a much stronger indicator of both chroic inflammation and diseas progression as it is not likley to change rapidly with window of change less than 3 months.

Blood Chemistry Analysis 

Lab testing for weight loss

Blood markers can give you a huge insight into organ function and overall biology, this information is invaluble when creating an effective plan. Without proper knowledge of how our digestive tract, liver or kidneys (just to name a few) are functioning, planning a nutrtional or supplement program is based on subjective symptoms which can vary greatly. While its still entirley possible to get good results by relying on an experienced practioners knowledge of symptoms, a blood test cuts out much of the guess work.

Epi-genetic Analysis 

Lab test for weight loss

The central dogma of genetics was that DNA controls everything, but more accuratley it is signals from out side the cell dictate how the DNA is read and expressed. This is called epi-genetics and by looking at how our DNA has been expressed or silenced we can get a much better undertanding of how ou bodies have been built over time and gives context to long term risks apparent in our DNA.

Blood and Urine Analysis 

Lab tests for weight loss

A combined blood and urine analysis that measures over 150 bio markers is a truely comprehensive assessment of personal biochemistry. This assessment gives a much stronger set of results than many other tests when considering micronutient status and metabolc pathway health. This is also a powerful test to measure toxic stress on the body from multiple toxicants including heavy metals.

72 Hour Heat Rate Varibility 

Lab test for weight loss

Heart rate varibility is the gold standard for predicting moratality in cardiovascuar disease as it is a great measure parasympathetic tone. HRV is a great indicator of stress and recovery,sed by athletes and sports teams all around the world. Using a 72 hour mearment via a wearable portable ECG, you can not only monitor how well you recover during sleep but o how well you handle stress throughout the day.

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