Organ and System Symptom Analysis

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When starting your health and wellness journey it can be tough to know where to start, or what is the most important thing for you? This simple tool takes away a lot of the guesswork involved in making those decisions, it shows you a hierarchy of what is most important to address and give fantastic insights into what needs more attention or further objective testing.

The questionnaire

The first step is to fill out and editable PDF questionnaire that assess symptoms in a methodical and comprehensive manner. These questions will be around symptom severity based on a 0, 1, 2 or 3 scale with key that is explained within the form.  

The consultation

Once you have returned your form, you will book a consultation via e-mail. Consultations take place via video conference and last roughly an hour, were will discuss your answers which provides a platform to dig deeper into why these symptoms may be occurring. Within this consultation, Christian will give some initial advice and make notes that will go toward your final report. 

 The Report 

The report will give you an easy to read numeric and colour coded example of symptom load per organ/system which depicts how much strain said the system is under. It will also contain some possible reasoning behind why these symptoms may be occurring, advise on further tests that will aid in further understanding symptoms and some basic strategies on h to improve your health.

Next Steps 

Once you have your report is up to you how you proceed, you can either engage in the advised tests and or full program design by Christian Thomson, or take the advice and implement it into your current health regime. 

Personal training for weight loss
Personal training for weight loss
Personal training for weight loss
Personal training for weight loss