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Personal training for weight loss
Personal training for weight loss
Personal training for weight loss
Personal training for weight loss

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Hello my name is Christian Thomson

Former World Champion kickboxer

I am a former World champion kickboxer, but these days I am a health consultant that helps people who are experiencing adverse health symptoms that they can't seem to resolve.

I my self suffered from heavy metal poisoning and fell through the cracks of the modern health care system, I was too sick to benefit from the normal health and fitness strategies but not sick enough to have a clinical condition and need medical intervention. I was fit, strong and sick, no matter what type of training or nutritional strategy I used I was only getting worse, until I started assessing my symptoms and testing myself with objective analysis techniques.

In today's world many are on their way to real chronic health conditions, we may experience some symptoms but when we get a medical check-up are told everything is normal. I compare objective test and subjective symptoms to better understand where you are between optimal health and poor health. While the old adage prevention is better than cure is acknowledged it is rarely actioned.

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