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Health and productivity are intrinsically linked, someone may still seem productive while not looking after their health, but two things need to be taken into account.

Health and productivity are intrinsically linked, someone may still seem productive while not looking after their health, but two things need to be taken into account.

First, they could be more productive and second a continued decline in health will be matched by a decline in productivity. For this reason, health in the workplace especially among the high performing members of the team is vital. Christian Thomson and his team are experts in managing busy professionals into good health after years of neglect, with simple tools we track and advise on health in a measurable way.

Wellness can be a fickle thing to measure especially when dealing with larger numbers of employees, I use a specialised questionnaire that analyses and groups symptoms to assess the health of specific organ systems. This allows for much more focused consultations to get to the heart of the issues for the individuals, it also allows for a better understanding of personal hierarchy of need. This leads to more personalised and effective plans for improvement in health without large investments of time or money.

Further programs can be created based on the results of the questionnaire and consultation on request and extended objective testing can be arranged for any individual in need.


Executive programs

Your executive team will appreciate our approach as we understand the time pressures a high profile job can bring. Each team member will get a personalised approach that is based on objective and measurable information paired with their subjective experience. We use tests such as metabolic analysis and heart rate variability to monitor health, stress and recovery. Through a video library and a dedicated what’s app group, we are able to answer any and all questions quickly and smoothly.

Corporate wellness days

During our corporate wellness days, we arrange objective tests by appointment, so we can give personalised in-depth health check-ups. Days include micro workshops, consultations, blood glucose testing, metabolic analysis, blood pressure and HRV




Air travel/jet lag


Injury recovery


Breathing & meditation

Nutrition Strategy

Nutrition is 80% of the battle, especially when it comes to losing weight. So many misconceptions are routinely pedalled it can be hard to know what is right and what is harmful. We do not believe in blanket advice we believe in education and accuracy, our team stays up to date on the latest nutritional science and deliver it to you in simple everyday language.

Exercise planing

Whether your staff are exercise enthusiasts or novices we have the tools and information to improve their current health. From martial arts classes to classical gym to simple movement classes we have you covered.

Lifestyle choices

Christian Thomson and his team specialise in using simple lifestyle changes to make big impacts on client lives. We don’t just stop at nutrition and exercise, we look at sleep, neurology, environmental conditions such as light and toxic exposure.



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