Part 1 and 2 of Christian's apperance on The Optimsed Podcast  

There are huge amounts of incorrect information about diets int he modern world. Lots is manufactured propaganda designed to sell products and service that people don't need. In this episode Nick and Christian go in the detail of the metabolism and dispel all the common myths.

Personal training for weight loss
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Personal training for weight loss

Gut health is a critical factor for living an Optimised existence. In this episode, Nick and Christian explore the depths of how stress affects our gut health and what knock-on effects that has for our health and performance. They also share some easy to use tech that you can use at home to help track important. You might want to check out the show notes below for all the tech recommendations.

Christian's apperance on Patrick Rea's Podcast  

Christian and Patrick talk all things weight loss and health with a special mention of why calories in vs calories out is 100% correct but often dangerously misunderstood to a point it may be affecting mental health. 

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Personal training for weight loss

Christian is back as part of a double header on becoming SUPERHUMAN! January is often a time where we reset our body goals and make a new commitment to our own health and fitness- I personally want to take my own health, vitality and wellbeing to the next level in 2017 so I invited my good friend Christian Thomson to the show to talk about what it takes to become SUPERHUMAN! In PART 1 you discovered Christian’s story of how he went from being told he could never compete in martial arts to become a world champion kickboxer in addition to primer to his current work as a performance coach where Christian strives to bring together the worlds best knowledge on the human body and brain to empower others to create positive change for themselves. If you haven’t heard PART 1 I would...

Part 1 and 2 of Christians talk on the Unstoppable podcast 

One of the most popular transformations that people pursue at this time of year is a PHYSICAL transformation so with this in mind today we are going to be talking about what it takes to become superhuman! If you have the desire to optimise your physical performance then our guest today has the answers! Not satisfied with the basic levels of nutritional and fitness advice, our guest today, Christian Thomson, relentlessly seeks to codify what it takes to become superhuman, maximise our physical experience as human beings and preserve our quality of life for as long as feasibly possible!

Christian's Second apperance on Breaking Daly Habits Podcast  

The power of light and cold thermogenesis 

Personal training for weight loss

Christian's first apperance on Breaking Daly Habits Podcast  

Microstresses and how they effect your life 

Personal training for weight loss