P-DTR (Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex)

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Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex, A Functional Neurology Treatment 

P-DTR is an innovative, science-based treatment that works directly with the Central Nervous System to address physical dysfunction at its inception. If we simplify the nervous system to its most basic concept, we have sensory input, central integration and motor output. There are numerous interlinked aspects to its function that may result in a problem. Traditional therapies focus on a bottom up approach, treating the muscle or joint by trying to create change up the chain.  

This technique discounts the fact that the brain has chosen to make certain muscles tight or weak to protect you from something in the first place. So that when we start moving again the brain will undo any changes we make to the muscle. P-DTR works from a top down perspective, looking directly at what the brain perceives as a threat to effect meaningful change in the muscle or sensation of pain. During a 90 minute treatment I will assess the sensory nervous system by through manual muscle testing. Identifying issues at their origin, then treating them with P-DTR’s groundbreaking and non invasive techniques.  

Common issues resolved often involve muscle painand joint pain that have no known origin. Joint pain felt in the knee or lower back for example that transiently come and go or flare up on random occasions. Muscle pain that stops you preforming specific movments or holding certain positions are also very common problems I see in clinic. 

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Aleksandra-fatigue and digestion

Patrick-Knee pain 

JR-shoulder pain


Nicola-lower back pain

Micky-elbow and calf pain