Online Coaching Programs for improved health and weight loss

Obtaining the body you want can feel like hard work, but many fail or struggle because they put their efforts in the wrong place.

That's not to say cardiovascular exercise is better than weight training or vice versa, it only speaks to each person requiring a more specific strategy to achieve their goals with excessive effort.

I hear from potential online coaching clients all the time that they are doing all the right things of cutting down on sugar, eating more vegetables and being active regularly, yet not seeing the changes in their body and falling off the wagon.

This is no surprise to me as even if a plan is sustainable if you don't see the results you will revert back to doing what at least makes you feel better. Not to say all attempts at improving your health make you miserable of course but if you are not in the habit of living this way and it does not add to your life you will not keep it.

Guessing is never the answer
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The best practice method to achieve results in any field is to assess your current position, make objective tests to see what the best way forward is and create key performance indicators to track your progress.

Health or online coaching is no different, and with optimal health brings the capacity to achieve a vast range of goals in a sustainable manner.

I use exactly this process to hone in on what is most important to move the needle in the right direction to achieve your goals. To start the online coaching process the first point of call is to fill out an exercise history form and a nutritional questionnaire that assess symptoms to certain which organs or systems are under the most strain.

Once we have an overview of your current health position, we can order more objective test such as blood panels or urine analysis to further reveal the most important areas to support for your health.

This sets up specific program recommendations that tackle your biggest problems to streamline your route to success.

Symptom analysis  

Personal training for weight loss
  • Multiple-choice questionnaire
  • Discover which systems are under the greatest strain
  • Reveal which objective test will be most useful
  • Used to cross analyse objective test results with symptoms experienced for increased personalisation

Blood , Urine, DNA & Microbiome Tests

Objective lab tests
  • Bespoke testing protocol based on symptoms experienced  
  • Objective results that drive program personalisation
  • Fine-tuned recommendations aimed at getting your sustainable results faster


Personalised coaching based on daily objective markers  

Weight loss
  • Reveal how your body is responding to the program with objective biomarkers that are taken at home
  •  Daily contact to adapt your program when needed based on your objective biomarkers changes
  • Weekly calls to workshop any upcoming events that may cause changes to your standard plan
  • Library of resources to guide you through any recommendations

Standard online coaching programs run for 12 weeks and include 3 assessment periods. Each assessment period allows us to take objective stock of progress and build an accurate picture of how your body is truly responding to the program.

Take back control of your health

"Test Don't Guess"

  • x 1 Symptom analysis per assessment period
  • x 1 Objective test per assessment period
  • X 1 supplement recommendation per 12 week program
  • X 1 glucose monitor
  • X 1 Thermometer

Value = £1,193

Fasting Blood Glucose 

Personal Training for weight loss

Fasting blood glucose is a great measure of baseline stress levels within the body. Blood glucose is an important and easily obtained marker that tightly correlates with stress hormone circulation. This tool allows great visibility for how your body responds in regard to the balance of stress the program creates and whether we are doing the right things to mitigate that stress.

Average Body Temperature

Personal training for weight loss

Average body temperature is a great way to monitor metabolic function from a high-level perspective. By sampling taking your temperature in the mornings can indicate, thyroid function, adrenal stress status and immune regulation. Such a simple test can give great insight to how you are responding to the given program and what type of changes may be needed to further improve the results you are getting.

Hydrogen Gas Anlaysis 

Food intolerance testing

Using new portable technology, we measure the level of hydrogen gas being produced in your breath after meals to assess digestion and food intolerances. A food may cause an issue for many reasons, so to understand this, potentially solve this or work around it efficiently gathering a full spectrum of information about your bodies objective response to it is vital.