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Calorie consumption play a huge role in weight loss and muscle gain, knowing how much you need to eat is the corner stone of any successful program. The online calculations however leave a lot to be desired, even after carefully working out your suggested calorie requirement a long road of painful trial and error is still ahead of you. This is due to the rise of inflammatory conditions brought about by much of modern life, inflammation is causing alterations in what we presume is average, reducing the accuracies of these calculations. 

This brings in objective tests like metabolic analysis to better identify how many calories you need to eat, what those calories need to consist of in regard to macro and micronutrients as well as how hard to train. That last comment may seem odd, but remember exercise is a stress, if you do not have the resources to adapt appropriately, a negative response/adaptation is more likely.  

How Does It Work?

The tests take place in central London and last for about 1 hour, first you will be assessed under a resting conditions before picking between 3 pieces of cardio equipment to do a V02max test, which is the active portion of the test. You will be taken through the results on the day and be sent a full report with the option to have a brief call to talk through the report once you have had a chance to read it. Reports are sent out within 5 working days of the test date.

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Create a nutritional strategy that is specific to you  

By measuring the amount of oxygen you breath in, and carbon dioxide you breath out we can identify the number of calories you are burning at rest. This gives us an objective number to work with and cuts out a lot of the painful trial and error usually associated with finding the right calorie requirements for weight loss. Even for muscle gain it is important as too many calories will only work to increase fat mass, balancing that specific calorie surplus to gain lean mass can be difficult especially when you are estimating your starting point.  

Reveal which macronutrients are optimal for your metabolic profile 

All macro nutrients are vital, in an ideal world a simple even split is most beneficial but with a changing environment that may lead to specific micronutrient deficiencies or a greater need for recovery or an over production of free radicals, different macronutrient splits become more optimal. Too much or too little of any nutrient has the potential to be inflammatory which is the real enemy when it comes to ideal body composition. Inflammation will create changes in how fat cells operate causing them to store fat more readily and release it less easily.

Discover what exercise intensity is best for you personally 

Just because you can do an exercise, does not mean you should. The body responds to exercise with adaptations, those adaptations can be positive or negative depending on the current position of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and the current level of resources such as micronutrients. The ANS is basically our stress response and how it is balanced effects our digestion, fuel use ratios, fat loss and muscle gain. Too much stress and we lose our ability to burn fat as fuel, we lose digestive capacity resulting in inflammation and we lose our ability to recover and build new tissues.

Test Don't Guess

No matter what your goal guessing is never the answer, book your consultation today with no risk and start your journey to faster results.

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Testimonials Jamie. M Fantastic service and very informative. Great way to see where you're at in terms of health, fitness and how much stress you're under Melanie R Gonzalez He’s very approachable and relax. I was waiting for many years to see the result as I know that it’s something wrong. Now, it’s time to continue his recommendation, follows a protocol and see in a long time the new results. Jamie. B After only 1 week of following the advice of Christian after a metabolic analysis test, I had lost 2lb, gas and bloating had completely disappeared. Emily. P Christian was very thorough and knowledgeable. I learnt so much from doing this, and the advice he gave has already helped with my gut issues.