How to train when going to the weights room for the first time


If you’re brand new to the weights room start very simple and master a few movements at a time. Each exercise should be done with a weight you can manage in a slow and controlled pace if you are unsure what tempo means make sure you read the tempo blog post first. Start with 1 or 2 sets of each exercise and work your way up to 3 sets per exercise, once you can do that go up in the weight you are lifting. 

These are very basic movement patterns use this workout to become comfortable in the gym and holding the weights, once that is the case start playing around with some over exercises to build confidence further. It is ideal to just learn to play and have fun with training at first do not worry your self with following strict programs so much.  

Personal training for weight loss

I have added here a variation for the squat so you can do it with or without weight, if adding a bar to your back is a problem then adding weights in either hand is also another option.

Deciding what weight to use?

Make sure the weight is manageable, the only thing I am interested in at this stage is can you feel the right muscles working in the exercise, only after you achieve this do reps or sets really matter.

What is TEMPO? 

Tempo is the speed you move the weight, this becomes much more important when you're looking to measure success. If you can move a 60kg weight for 5 reps and then jump up to 65kg great your are lifting more weight but is the time under tension the same, are you moving quickly to get the exercise done faster and therefore expending less energy.

Tempo operates with the first number equating to the start of the exercise, so for the bench press, it is the lowering phase also known as the eccentric phase and for the bent-over row the first number equates to the lifting phase also known as the concentric phase.

X = with power, meaning push as fast as you can with control, do not lose control to try and go faster but push up ith force.

The remaining two numbers are the points in between movement the isometric holds or pauses. 


. Form is key above all else

. Feeling he muscle working is more important than any routine

. Learn to play

. Only once the above three are attained should you concern your self with a formal program



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