Fasted cardio, does it really work?


Fasted cardio is still a thing of much confusion.  

With many making false claims around it and others pointing to research that clearly debunks many of the proclaimed benefits, there are still many that swear by it and subjectively feel a difference.  

Many sceptics claim any such benefits is coincidental to better lifestyle choices & or activity but is that really all there is to it?  

The meta-analysis below starts to answer some of these questions in a clearer light. While training in a fasted state will reduce peak performance capability it does seem to have a complementary effect on the metabolism of peripheral tissue.  

That means muscle, fat, connective tissue capillaries all have improved cellular metabolism which is very important in maintaining proper health or reversing adverse conditions such as diabetes.  

Other key benefits are 

  • Improved insulin action to breakfast (protects against poor breakfast choices, not an excuse)

    Improves morning bowel movements. Improve circadian rhythm (If done outside)

    Increases hunger for breakfast (in many circumstances)  

So, is there no added benefit to fasted cardio vs fed cardio? No not really it’s just different and should be used as so, it is a tool that is best used in specific situations such as insulin resistance and metabolic disease but near useless in healthy individuals in comparison to fed cardio.



Health and Wellness Consultant


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