EMF’S effects on mold and toxins they produce


It is very well known that mould and the bio toxins it creates can have huge effects on people’s health and few actually understand the severity of the effects or how to control mould growth.  

Mould is an incredibly hardy organism that will survive most environments and actually grows faster, makes more toxins and more potent toxins under stress. Mould intolerance/sensitivity is a very hard problem to identify as so many of the symptoms are very generic and mould can cause a drop in your immune system allowing other opportunistic viruses and bacteria to actually cause a problem.  

Mould will cause a gentle stress on your system driving up cortisol chronically which intern does two things, increase barrier permeability, drive down the immune system. This increase in barrier permeability is what causes most mould symptoms which resemble hay fever.  

· Sneezing  

· Itchy eyes  

· Headaches  

· Runny nose  

· Skin rash  

Repeated exposure to mould increases a person’s sensitivity to these possible side effects and can cause or exacerbate asthma. When you think of the bodies barriers you must think gut, skin, lungs, mucus membranes and blood-brain barrier (BBB). This increase in permeability will allow harmful viruses and bacteria to enter and move more freely, areas of the body that are struggling or already weak will suffer due to the cascade of effects and then cause the system to fall further.  

It’s not hard to see why mould can cause such vast issues when you take all this into account but it doesn’t stop there I’m afraid, numerous studies have found that non-ionizing low-level EMF like the frequencies from phones, computers and wifi will actually cause mould to grow faster. In fact not just faster but it will increase the number of toxins it releases and the power of those toxins too, heavy metals like mercury have also shown to cause this reaction, the mould acts out in this way as a protective mechanism of sorts.  

Mould can be a huge problem and if you have it in your house definitely seek some professional help to remove it immediately as the health costs can be very difficult to reverse.  

Here are 3 tips for slowing mould growth in your house  

· Sunlight if it’s possible to get as much natural light in the room and air it out as much as possible  

· Keep it dry, use dehumidifiers to keep a drier environment, mould like dark humid environments  

· Either shield the area from radio and microwaves or make sure little to no artificial EMF are exposed to the mould, you can find special shielding on line for this and you can get a tri-field meter to test the field strength in each room.  

Here are 3 things you can do to help protect against or combat symptoms of mould although if you feel you have been affected you should seek professional guidance.  

· More sunlight, especially morning and afternoon sun, the sun has very powerful disinfectant qualities especially the UVB portion  

· Grounding, get out to a park and walk around in bare feet this will fill your body with a rush of electrons which will help reduce any inflammation.  

· Meditation is shown to have a great ability to reduce stress which can have far-reaching effects on your immune system. Stress will hinder your immune system from doing its job whereas meditation not only decreases stress but has been shown to actually increase immune system function keeping poor health at bay.



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