Creating Your Ideal Future self


Below is my powerful method of self-change, when used right, it creates amazing results and breaks through self-perceived barriers 

Imagine the ghost of Christmas future pays you a visit and takes you off to look at your future self in 12 months, who would you see? 

I want you to imagine the best possible version of you in 12 months and I want you to write down what you seem as if you’re telling me a story of what’s just happened to you. 

Where were you?  

Who were you talking to?  

Where were you going?  

Where had you come from?  

What were you saying?  

How did you sound?  

What were you wearing?  

How were you standing?  

What new skills have you mastered?  

What have you accomplished?  

Make sure you are emotionally connected to the story it should fill you with pride, joy and excitement of who you are about to become.  

Type this up nice and neatly, print it off and stick a copy on your bedroom wall.  

Every morning you will read this and live your dream until it becomes past.  

This is by far the most powerful tool in my toolbox in terms of phycology use it well and anything is possible



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