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Personal training for weight loss
Metabolic analysis for weight loss
Metabolic analysis for weight loss
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Test Don't Guess

"All strategies work it's just understanding where you are and what direction you need to move."

Objective lab tests
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Objective Testing 

Access a comprehensive range of tests with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to explain your results. We help plan your success, no matter what your goal, guessing is never the answer. Test Don't Guess 


Advanced Therapies

Christian specialises in using cutting edge tools such as functional neurology and red light therapy to resolve both chronic pain and acute injury. He looks for route causes to make permeant resolutions where possible.

Exercise and nutritional plans

Bespoke Coaching

Tailored coaching based on daily stress markers to better asses health. These markers are used to plan nutritional and exercise strategies. Plans are specific for your personal needs as they change, rather than a cookie cutter approach. 

Former World Champion kickboxer

If you try to deal with things on your own, it will take longer to achieve your goal. Why not Make reaching your goals easier and faster with Christian Thomson? An award-winning coach and an accredited health consultant.

You are not just another number; I will help you to be the best version of yourself through personalised cross-analysis of symptoms and objective testing methods. You will be armed with potent strategies designed to resolve your most significant needs.

My system contains a plethora of tools to objectively assess starting points, objectively track your progress as you action the program and cutting edge scientific treatments to help you gain optimal health and a pain free body.

You will never know what you are capable of until you test your boundaries.

Test, Don't Guess


I was at the top of my game; I won 5 British and 1 World Kickboxing championship titles until one day I got knocked out. Not by an opponent but by a heavy metal poisoning. Imagine you are always on sleep mode, continually going numb, falling asleep standing up and struggling to read without having major energy crashes.

Many of us spend years trying to fix our health issues, going from strategy to strategy with no success, most people are sinking in a quicksand trap of conflicting expert opinions, unhealthy lifestyle and poor planning that wind up in failure. It is no wonder so many lose hope and become disheartened on their journey.

It's only after the support of my teachers, with cutting edge health assessments and strategic planning that I was finally able to heal myself. I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome due to heavy metal poising and other secondary health issues it caused.

It's hard to live when you're in constant pain, lost in frustration, treating symptom after symptom and hoping for the best. Hope is not an option when it comes to your health, clarity and certainty over your actions is needed to maintain a positive course.

Guessing is never the answer
Test Don't Guess

"Every strategy works, it’s just first understanding where you are and what direction that strategy will move you personally."