Metabolic analysis

Reveal how much you need to eat and how hard you need t trai to get results with the only scientifically validated method to measure how any calories you burn and what they cosist of, fats or carbohydrates.

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Additional tests

Blood chemistry Analysis 55+ Markers

Blood test look directly at organ function and indirectly at a wide range of health concerns that can give vital clues as to what nutritional or supplementation strategy to use. All results are delivered in an easy to read format that gives a clear indication of whether each marker is high or low as well as an overview of each organ system based on results. Further test are also suggested to further discern interal status based on results.

DNA Analysis 

Genetic variants are important for us to understand your potential, if you have a susceptibility or a resistance to becoming deficient in a certain micronutrient or if a metabolic pathway may need more or less support. We can also plan for pre disposed disease risk to improve future helth as well as immediate health.

Microbiome Analysis 

The microbiome of the gut has major implications for gastro intestinal health, mental health, energy levels and metabolic function. It is vital in the synthesis of vitamins B and K and can be the cause of weight loss resistance in many due to the inflammation it can create. Based on its location this inflammation can be particular troubling as it not only causes fat retention around the mid section but causes issues in the largest collection of neurons outside of the brain in the mesentery. 

72 Hour Heart Rate Varibility Analysis 

Heart rate variability is the variability in the time taken between heart beats, this is the gold standard for heart health and directly measures the balance within the ANS. The ANS or autonomic nervous system has two arms the sympathetic arm (fight, flight) and the parasympathetic arm (rest, digest, recover). This balance has major implications for digestive capacity as well as optimal exercise and activity potential.

GHI Chronic Inflammatory Status

GHI stands for Glycosylation health index, while other inflammatory marker assessments measure acute inflammatory markers such as CRP, these can be high due to flu systems or physical (temporary) damage. GHI measure glycosylation which has long reaching effects in the immune system. Due to this patented test we can now see how far down the line of deuteriation you are and if the health strategy we are implementing is actually moving you in the right direction.

NutraEval 150+ Metabolic Markers From Blood and Urine

Measure the status of vitamins, minerals fatty acid metabolism, amino acid profiles, metabolic pathways, digestive profiles and toxic exposure. Not only can we solve deficiencies based on the results from this test but we can also monitor issues in bacterial or fungal imbalances in the gut and heavy metal toxicity which both can cause weight loss resistance among other more insidious symptoms.


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Test Don't Guess .

All stratergies work it's just understanding where you are and what direction you need to move.

Objective Tesing 

Access a comprehensive range of tests with a multi disceplinary team of profesionals to explain your results and help plan your success.  

Advanced Therapies

Whether its for optimisation or recovery, advanced therapies like P-DTR and photobiomodulation re here to help. Christian specialises in finding teh route cause of pain to create pain free powerful bodies.

Bespoke Coaching

Tailored coaching based on daily stress markers to better asses health and plan nutritional and exercise stratergies. 


Through the techniques I had mastered from many of my teachers I had taught myself how to utilise more of my brain rid myself of real health problems and become a champion. Today I dedicate 20 hours a week of my time to studying the most up to date research so I can ensure I am always at my best to help my clients. My aim is to create self-reliant pain free powerful bodies with constant online and offline support. The first and most important thing to ascertain is always your current state of health including your neurological state, you can’t out train a weak muscle caused by poor neurology just as you can’t out train a bad diet or lifestyle. I train people to be the best versions of themselves.” – CT


Christian Thomson is a fully accredited Performance Coach who has achieved World Kick Boxing Championship gold and recognition as Coach of the Year by the body transformation awards 2017. His innovative practice incorporates the latest scientific developments in optimum health technology with his expertise as an athlete to deliver impressive and measurable results. Moving beyond the usual remit of personal training Thomson utilises potent psychological and neurological techniques to help others gain pain free, powerful bodies. Thomson’s personal story has been a transformation from inactivity, dysfunction and excess weight, to a phenomenal increase in all aspects of his physical well being. Having experienced the benefits of mindful exercise and nutrition, plus cutting edge science based treatments, Thomson has refined his winning formula into a unique and ground breaking fitness approach he can share. “During my journey I healed myself from chronic fatigue syndrome, (that was so bad if I sat down for longer than 5 minutes I would want to sleep) I managed to win 5 British and 1 World Kickboxing titles and recovered from an injury that no one could explain or fix.  


Test Don't Guess

"Every stratergyworks, its just first understanding where you are and what direction that stratergy will ove you personally."

P-DTR (Propioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex)

P-DTR is an innovative, science-based treatment that works directly with the Central Nervous System to address physical dysfunction at its inception. If we simplify the nervous system to its most basic concept, we have sensory input, central integration and motor output; there are numerous interlinked aspects to its function that may result in a problem. Traditional therapies focus on a bottom up approach, treating the muscle or joint by trying to create change up the chain. This technique discounts the fact that the brain has chosen to make certain muscles tight or weak to protect you from something in the first place, so that when we start moving again the brain will undo any changes we make to the muscle. P-DTR works from a top down perspective, looking directly at what the brain perceives as a threat to effect meaningful change in the muscle or sensation of pain. During a 90 minute treatment I will assess the sensory nervous system by through manual muscle testing, identifying issues at their origin, then treating them with P-DTR’s groundbreaking and non invasive techniques.

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Aleksandra-fatigue and digestion

Patrick-Knee pain 

JR-shoulder pain


Nicola-lower back pain

Micky-elbow and calf pain

Coaching Programs

I call it coaching not personal training, because what me or members of my team do is far from personal training. The majority of our work is done outside of the gym, looking at bio metric markers to determine stress levels, advising activities and nutritional strategies that suit your personal needs, not just counting reps. By showing you how to use simple tools we get you to take bio metric markers at home at various points of the program to allow us to make decisions based on objective feedback on top of your subjective experiences.

Blood Glucose 

Blood glucose is a great measure of metabolic activity, from stress to glucose load requirments. Your fasting glucose levels are great indicators of stress, inflammation and need for systhesis of new materials. By using this marker we can better acsertain which type and amount of macro nutrients will be most benefical for you on that given day.

Heart Rate Varibility

HRV is the gold standard for heart health and greatly influnced by the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS greatly affects digestion and is greatly effected by exercise, by understanding your current balance in the ANS we can better program both nutritional and exercises components of your plan to make sure your always doing just enough to get the result but not causing too much stress.

Hydrogen Gas Anlaysis 

Using new portable technology we measure the level of hydrogen gas being produced in your breath after meals to assess digestion and food intolerences. A food may cause an issue for many reasons, so to understand this, potential solve this or work around it efficently gathering a full spectrum of information about your bodies objective response to it is vital.

Distance Coaching 

All coaching programs cover full spectrum of needs from nutrtion, to exercise and lifestyle. The average program consists of weekly check-ins to keep you accountable to the program with monthly program updates so the programs adapts with you. Your coach will speak to you via a Zoom call (video confrence) and a dedicated whats app group. You will have multiple tools to help you record your progress and view your programs as well as a pre recorded video library to help you along the way.

In Person Coaching

My team offers in person coaching across London to give you that extra guidence. Discover first hand secrects that help you feel exactly what muscles should be working with an expert eye helping you get the most out of every rep. Not only will we help you work hard but give you an objective perspective of when and how long t rest for with out you having to worry about the details. 

Small Group Coaching 

Small Group Coaching is done mainly at a distance with a few key visits, x2 metabolic analysis tests and 1 in person group gym session per month (distance options are also available). Group Zoom calls are hosted weekly to disciuss program adherence and each program is individualised based on objective markers each person will recod for theselves. A video library of contnt will reveal many tips and tools to help you along your journey as well as a dedicated whats app group to ask questions.


P-DTR is a set of functional neurology tools aimed at treating the sensory nervous system to reduce perception of pain and increase peromance. Specialises in treating pains that persist after full tissue recovery. 

The future of accute injury recovery with over 4,000 peer reviewed studies showing its efficay and increased capacity for healing over many other therapy types including ice and ultrasound.


Photobiomodulation is a fancy word for saying light that causes biological change, this therapy has over 4,000 peer reviewed studies showing its efficacy with 500+ being human trials. It uses red and infrared light to create changes in the mitochondria of the cell, that improve ATP production.

ATP is the cellular currency for energy in the body, so this therapy has huge reaching effects including cutting recovery time in half for both exercise and injury. If that wasn’t good enough it also acts as a stress preventor to healthy cells as shown in studies that actually showed a greater resistance to sun burn after red light use and another study that showed professional volley ball players had an improved muscular capacity of up to 50% after the treatment. Photobiomodulation has also had great effects on traumatic brain injuries, eye problems and reduction in chronic pain symptoms. Whether you want to improve performance, recover from an injury or manage pain in a drug free manor this therapy can help. 

Acute injury recovery 

  • Increases healing speeds
  • Faster reduction of swelling 
  • Improved tissue quality 
  • Boosts immune system 
  • Down regulates detrimental genes/DNA


  • Increases muscular capacity by up to 50%
  • Cuts recovery time in half 
  • Increases tollernce from stress
  • Improves metabolite clearing
  • Up regulates benefical genes/DNA

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Sports Team Consulting 

To be the best hether it be individualy or as a team takes hard work ad dedication, it takes using all the tools at your disposal to stay ahead of the fierce competition at the top. Christian Thomson is not only a former World Kickboxing Champion but also offers access to a unique set of objective tests that normally only 1% of athletes would have access to. If you want to get ahead of the game don leave anything on the table, discover how your body is performing objectivley to gain better understanding of training success an create better stratergies to improve.

Metabolic Analysis 

Metabolic analysis is a vital tool in planning and assessing an athletes trainig and nutrtional program. Objectivley design programs that will help your athletes use fuel more efficently durring their sporting activities. Getting fitter is great but becoming efficent at the specific movements needed in your sport is what makes an athlete great. 

Right eye Concussion Tracking

Right eye uses infrared cameras to track pupil movement 100 times every second, by tracking pupil movement we can see the differnce between optical issues, neurological issues and issues caused by damage from incedents like concussion. Right eye is FDA approved and research backed. After a brain injury it is hard to say when an athlete is ready to return to full training and competition, as just becasue rest has occured does not mean healing has. Right eye gives us an objective view that can not only measure if an injury has had an impact on health but to also track recovery after an injury has occured. 

72 hour Heart rate varibility Analysis 

HRV analyis to test how an athlete is recovering at home and whether they are getting enough rest inbetween training and game time is pricless to assess training regiemes.

Corprate Events 

Health and productivity are intrinsically linked, someone may still seem productive while not looking after their health but two things need to be taken into account. First they could be more productive and second a continued decline in health will be matched by a decline in productivity. For this reason health in the work place especally among the high performing members of the team is vital. Christian Thomson and his team are experts in managing busy professionals into good health after years of neglect, with simple tools we track and advise on health in a measureable way.

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Executive programs

Your executive team will appreaciate our approch as we understand the time pressures a high profile job can bring. Each team member will get a personalised approach that is based on objective and measurable information paired with their subjective experience. We use tests such as metabolic analysis and heart rate varibility to monitor health, stress and recovery. Through a video library and a dedicated whats app group we are able to answer any and all questions quickly and smoothly.


Christian Thomson delivers workshops on multiple topics to help engauge staff and reveal the most effective stratergies. 

Workshop options

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Air travel/jet lag 
  • Stress 
  • Injury recovery 
  • Mindset/motivation
  • Breathing & meditation

Corporate welness days  

Durring our corporate wellness days, we arrange objective tests by appoinment, so we can give personalised in depth health check ups. Days include micro workshops, consultions, blood glucose testing, metabolic analysis, blood pressure and HRV. 

Nutrition Strategy

Nutrition is 80% of the battle, especially when it comes to losing weight. So many missconceptions are routinely pedaled it can be hard to know what is right and what is harmful. We do not belive in blanket advice we belive in education and accuracy, our team stays uptodate on the latest nutrtional science and deliver it to you in simple everday langaue.

Exercise planing

Whether your staff are exercise enthusasts or novices we have the tools and information to improve thier current health. From martial arts classes to classical gym to simple movement classess we have you covered.

Lifestyle choices 

Christian Thomson and his team specialise in using simple lifestyle changes to make big impacts for client lives. We don't just stop at nutrition and exrcise, we look at sleep, neurology, environmental conditions such as light and toxic exposure.


But that doesn't mean we can't help you find what you're looking for!